My final entry consists of a set of three picuture that go together and illustrate what Wintersday in Guildwars is for me :).I did not upload wip shots of the last two images -because i did most in the last couple of hours before deadline, and it was the same progress as the first one.

I tried do to them in a children’s book style, something i wanted to try for a long time now and wintersday seemed the perfect opportunity. Therefore i combined them into a pdf file:


Final images seperate:


Editing & improving

New Sketches:

Adding Textures, color adjusting


Scene sketch for guildwars kiddies:

Character sketch for second idea:

Next attempt:
Due to lack of time i will try to keep it simple. I want it to look like the (white-golden) pod is sort of dissolving around the winter sylvari.

Abandoned :(:
Failure and painting over the first crappy sketch: This was originally planned as larger scene with parts of the grove visible and a sylvari pod opening. The sylvari was panned to be kinda an “evil” sylvari, tainted by nightmares in her dream. So her weird hand position was supposed to be her crushing some kind of insect or flower. But i hated the sketch so i simply cropped it and painting over it :).



Jean Preview:

Salix by Baktwerel:

Alternate color variation:

Danira by Baktwerel:

My GW2 Characters

Kali, Sylvari Necromancer and Mirage, Human Mesmer

Aana, Asura Guardian

small version

Anakin1000’s Noble Human Ranger Jean:

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